Reminders of the Lucky 7

In 2014 I wrote about some essentials I believe, should be in every woman's closet.  I call them the Lucky 7.  I felt as if they needed to be revisited and shared again.  I recently did a styling event at a local boutique and had so much fun with the guests.  I prepped the event by going in ahead of time and "tagging" some of the Lucky 7 that were available.  This is by no means anything to do with a capsule wardrobe but instead foundation builders from which to start your wardrobe.  I believe that every woman has her own style and therefore, the Lucky 7 should be adapted to fit your style.  For example, if you will not ever wear a LBD (little black dress) I'm not sure you should own one.  Perhaps it should be black trousers for you.  If you are not a cardigan person, then perhaps a black soft structured jacket.  See where I'm going ?   I've included my Lucky 7 with descriptions below as well as a few shopping options or my favs for each one. I have also tried to include plus size options where possible.  Often times the missy size shows but there is also the woman's or plus size available as well.   Bonus?  Many stores are in the midst of Memorial Weekend Sales, there you go, you're welcome :)  

1)  A great fitting bra -  Every woman needs a properly fitted bra and the right size and proper fit in all undergarments.  PLEASE, if you have never done a bra fitting with a professional, or it's been awhile, you owe it yourself to do this.  You may have a great local women's lingerie store that provides bra fitting for you.  If not, I think the Soma stores do a great job with this. 


2)  A long-sleeve white blouse - similar to a great pair of jeans, a white blouse is something you should be willing to spend a little more money on in order to get quality.  For ease of wear and your time, the blouse should also be wrinkle-resistant.  Eddie Bauer, JCrew, Banana Republic, Talbots - these are all great places to find just the right style and cut.  Do you #ownyourstyle with a bit less structure?  Choose a top that's white but better fits your style as a basic for your wardrobe.  I've shown a great one from Nordstrom below. 


3)  A pair of jeans you love and feel great wearing - if you don't wear jeans - then this could be whatever you favorite basic bottom piece is.  (but really, are you sure you don't want to try?)  Again, this is something you may need to spend more cash on than you normally do for other things in your wardrobe.  Friends - finding the best jeans for you is a journey.  You will have to try on until you conquer this mountain :)  Be prepared for the journey and know that once you find the pair best for you it's awesome.  Also, side note, consider buying 2 pair !!


4)  A simple black skirt - whether a pencil skirt or maybe an A-line, a black skirt is a necessary in the 7.  Black skirts can be paired with a tshirt for a more casual look or a white blouse and the right accessories to dress it up.  It's another staple you will wear forever.  I believe this to be true even if you typically don't wear skirts.  Unlike a dress, the skirt will be a staple and "back-up" for a dressier occasion but somehow feels easier to wear than a dress.


5)  LBD - (LIttle Black Dress - but then you probably knew that) - this is a seasonless, timeless wardrobe must have.  Similar to jeans, find the style and cut that is best for you - it will be a "go to" piece in your forever closet.  Remember what I said above about owning your style?  Choose what's best for you.


6)  A good quality cardigan - A cardigan sweater is another timeless piece of the lucky 7.  It can easily be worn in place of a jacket and if a neutral color such as black or camel is chosen, can be worn with almost anything.  As I mentioned before, choose the style best for you.  The point is to have a great layering piece that will go from season to season with your wardrobe needs and be a timeless piece you don't have to worry about updating. 


7)  Great fitting - Good quality layering pieces - this includes camis, tanks, long-sleeve tshirts, and  short-sleeve tshirts.  For the best fit and wear, choose a t-shirt with a blend of cotton and just a little stretch (spandex).  Think wear with anything neutral colors such as black, white, cream, and navy.  I always have black and white of both in my closet.  Bonus - Most of the picks below are on sale this weekend!  

I really do believe in the Lucky 7.  These pieces help you build upon a great foundation for a wardrobe that will work for you and your style.  These pieces are where your clothing budget dollars should be spent first.  Choose higher quality and they will work for you.  Regardless the season, look to buy these key pieces when they are on sale ....LIKE NOW :).  Keep any eye on the condition of the pieces you have in your wardrobe already.  Be sure your whites are still white and your darker colors are still true to their original color.  Care for them well.  Wash in cold water, don't dry darker colors in the dryer, don't dry anything with spandex in the dryer, etc. to get the most wear out of each garment.  

Take a quick inventory of your wardrobe and if you're missing any of these items now may be the time to go shopping!  I would love to hear what you buy and also what the Lucky 7 looks like in your closet!