What I wore in April

I can't believe it's May 1st !!  Furthermore, I can't believe the temps here in West Michigan are finally above 70!  Since April is behind us I wanted to post a few of my outfits I wore with hopes of inspiring you to shop your own closet and get inspired.



Stripes are one of those patterns I don't go to very often.  In this case, I raided my college-age son's give away pile and decided to keep the shirt for myself.  I paired it with a great pair of khakis I purchased last fall from the "A New Day" line at Target.  Perfect!  


The White Jean tryout....

I have avoided white jeans, well, forever.  I am happy to assist a client find the perfect pair but I've never wanted to wear them myself.  Well, I'm giving it a go this year.  We will see if they make it.  

I have linked similar pieces below.  The link to the jeans are the exact jeans I'm wearing.  The others are similar as they are all past season goodies. 



Obviously with the weather in April,  one of my go-to uniforms was jeans/khakis, some type of cardi and a tshirt layered underneath:

Then, there are the outfits with the jacket as the extra layer....

I have wanted a suit forever so when I found this one, I fell in love.  As you know, I always look for versatility so here is how I wore the pieces together and separate.

Here is the link to the suit and some similar pieces to what I'm wearing.  The shoes are a great pair of Jeffrey Campbell's I purchased from a consignment store some time ago.



Do you ever find something in the back of your closet you haven't worn forever but you never purged?  Here's my find, this great linen jacket - 

Closet Treasure - this linen jacket I haven't worn in two Spring seasons - I love rediscovering pieces !   

Closet Treasure - this linen jacket I haven't worn in two Spring seasons - I love rediscovering pieces !


The best outfits, I believe, are those created through inspiration from others.  I would love to see what you're wearing these days that was inspired by something you saw.  I would also love to see an outfit you created using a piece you haven't worn in a long time!  Post the pics in the comments and help to inspire someone else.  

Need some inspiration yourself?  Let's chat!  Contact me soon so your closet gets all the love it deserves!