Spring Dressing Part 1

Not so long ago in another post I mentioned some things regarding buying something when it's on sale.  Basically, I said if it isn't something you know you will wear, even at a discount that's not a bargain.  Which brings me to today.  I went on a Target run today, just sure as I was buying the normal "Target stuff" I was sure to come across something from either the WhoWhatWear collection or the "A New Day" line to brighten my Spring Closet.  I did carry a dress in my cart for quite some time but didn't end up purchasing it.  At the last minute I decided to take a quick pass thru the clearance area.  I have to admit, I don't do this often at Target.  Why?  I'm not sure the hunt thru there is ever worth it :)  Well, today it was.  I came across this dress - no idea of the original price- but it was marked down below $10!  It is Mossimo, which I don't often buy.  It's a brand that doesn't usually fit me well so I don't even look at much of it when I am shopping at the store.  The dress is maxi in length, maybe to some would be almost midi.  It has a beautiful print on the shell of the dress with a yellow background.  There was a yellow slip dress attached underneath, which has already been removed.  The front of the dress has small pewter colored buttons all the way down the front.  It has a drawstring at the waist and bell-sleeve detail.  I have been looking for a dress similar to this one for quite some time.  I had not, however, envisioned the dress would be this long.  I wanted a dress like this to wear over leggings and skinny jeans, worn mostly open to the waist with options for layering.  For me, I needed to bring this one home and try it on with some of the options from my closet to be sure it would work.  If it would in fact work out, this was going to be great just for the bargain!  Again, though, even at less than $10, it isn't worth it if I won't wear it.  

I came home and immediately pulled 2 looks together.  I have already thought of a couple more since trying it on.  Obviously, it's a keeper !! 

bargain with leggings 1.png

Dress with Leggings


I have on a black tank and black leggings underneath for this outfit.  There is a khaki green color running thru the pattern and that's color of shoe I have worn in this look.  The shoes are a great pair of Jeffrey Campbell peep toe heels I picked up from one of the best consignment stores in Grand Rapids.  (www.myurbanexchange.com)

bargain with leggings 2.png

Dress with Leggings

The dress worn with the top buttoned and below the waist left undone.  The black background around the bottom and on the cuffs makes black underneath perfect. 

image (1).png

Dress with Leggings

The back view.  Obviously the dress is sheer so the black pieces underneath are a great compliment, I think.  I may try white at some point but I am usually not a fan of white so I doubt I would like it, for me. 

image (5).png

Dress with jeans 

I paired it here with the same black tank, switched the leggings for distressed jeans cuffed, and added black mules for the shoes.  I love this look.  This was my original purpose in wanting a dress of this style.  I will also try this with dark skinny jeans and possibly change out the color of the tank at some point. 

image (6).png

Dress with Jeans

Just another view.  

The other ideas I'm already thinking about?  Either look above but adding a cropped black sweater over.  Either look above but adding a yellow sweater I already have in my wardrobe :).  Also - for Fall and Winter?  Pair the dress with skinny jeans, boots and again a fun sweater over the dress.  I always look for more than one way to wear to an item when I'm deciding whether to buy it.  I love the possibilities I have found in this one.

What's something you want to add to your wardrobe for Spring?  I'd love to hear more!