My Current Makeup Favs

As you know, I usually only post about fashion, what I'm wearing, loving, how to get the most from your wardrobe and all that fashion stuff.  Today I thought I would share my latest favs from beauty and what I'm currently wearing.  As is the case with my style in dressing, the same goes with my beauty routine.  I mix both drugstore items and some items that have a higher ticket.  I base my decisions for makeup choices much the same as my clothing choices.  To me, there isn't necessarily a correlation between high ticket being better product.  I have listed only the make-up I am currently wearing and basically in the order I apply it.  I don't think I need a disclaimer but just in case - I am NOT a makeup artist or skincare professional so the products I mentioned are of course only based on my opinion and my style.  You won't for example, see any products for contouring, shading, sculpting, etc.  Much the same as botox and the like, none of those products or routines are for me - I am 54 years old I have lived, I have some wrinkles and some character :) .  

I have recently started using a primer/pore minimizer prior to applying my foundation and the Porefessional from Benefit.  It really does make a huge difference not only in the appearance (or lack thereof) of my pores but I think it eases in the application of the foundation as well.  

The most expensive items are my foundation and my eyeshadow palettes.  As is the case often though, the expense is fair based on quality and amount of wear from it.  I think the hunt for the best foundation for your skin is always a quest...until you find it.  I have found a great one - it's the Estee Lauder water foundation (link below).  What I love:  it has an spf of 30, it's water based, it's buildable, easy to apply, wears fantastic.

Concealer:  current and long time fav is Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer.  Love the applicator (sponge), the wear, and the ease in applying.  

Setting Powder:  I am currently using Coty Airspun and will be for awhile since it came in a 2-pack from Amazon!  Why I like it? The coverage is perfect.  It can be applied over entire face with fluffy powder brush and you can easily bake the undereye with a beauty sponge.  I also have to say I am a bit nostalgic and the scent alone brings me back to my childhood and playing dress-up.  I also really enjoy Laura Mercier powder as well but again with the double pack it will be awhile before I change. 

Blush:  new favorite is the Flower Beauty Flower Pots Blush in Sweet Pea.  (it's not the shade that shows in the link below).  Sweet Pea is a pretty soft shade of rosy pink.  I love the big size of the surface of the blush itself - it makes it super easy to use a blush brush for application.  

Eyeshadow:  I love palettes because you have so many more choices every day :).  The 2 I use the most are both from Too Faced - The Peach Palette and the Chocolate Bon Bons.  A close runner-up is actually the Grav3yard Girl Palette from Tarte.  What I love about the Too Faced Palettes:  the variety of colors,  the pigment, the variety of shimmer vs. matte, the wear time.  You can create so many different looks from simple and natural to quite dramatic with any of these palettes.

Eyeliner:  I prefer a pencil.  I am currently loving the gel pencils from Ulta and my favorite shade right now is Mink.  I love the price, the colors, the ease in application, and the length of wear time.  

Mascara:  I am a huge fan of L'Oreal mascaras.  My current fav is Lash Paradise.  Why?  No smudging, no flaking, lasts all day, easy to remove.  I am not a fan of any waterproof mascara so I can't speak to any of those options.  

Setting Spray:  I like the Pixie Setting Mist and the Mac Prep and Prime.  I do believe both of these extend the wear of my makeup.  I like the scent of the Pixie more, as the Mac really doesn't have a scent.  

Many of the products I am wearing are because of recommendations from bloggers or youtubers or friends.  I would love to hear some of your favs, maybe they will become mine.