5 Days of Closet Tips

January is always a month of evaluating, cleaning, organizing, clearing - whatever word or system you use for refresh.  This past week I shared a different closet tip daily on social media.  These tips were quick and easy steps towards making your closet work better for you.  I thought I would summarize all 5 together here.

1)  Pull 5 things from your closet to donate, reinvent, or toss.  This is a quick and simple task - DON'T overthink this.  The easiest thing to do is first ask yourself - "when was the last time I wore this?"  or try "do I feel pretty when I wear this?" If it's a been a long time or you don't feel your best when you wear it - toss it or donate it (depending on condition of the garment).

2) Pull anything that needs fixed and get it done!  This includes:  missing buttons, broken zippers, torn belt loops, pulls in sweaters, etc.  Source your best local shops for this if mending and repairs aren't "your thing".  But - get it done - you have valuable pieces to be worn!!

3)  Would you buy it if it weren't on sale?  January is a great month for sales.  Keep in mind, it's not a bargain though if you won't wear it.  Don't buy something for the sake of a bargain.  If you wouldn't consider buying it/loving it/wanting it at full price don't buy it on sale....it's not worth it!

4)  It starts underneath.  I have devoted full blog posts to this!  You MUST have a properly fitted bra period!  I would suggest a local store or my favorite national retailer for ladies of all ages would be Soma.  

5)  Dress for you!  Dress to feel pretty, confident, and stylish.  You must feel good in what you're wearing.  Own Your Style!

Following these simple steps won't clean and organize your closet entirely or change the world, but they will get you started to do both!!