It's that time of year...

We are fast approaching a new season (my fav)..fall.  It's time.  Time to start thinking about changing the  seasons in your closet.  Time to purge spring and summer and begin looking at your fall wardrobe.  

Spring/Summer Purge - This is usually pretty easy for me.  At this time in the season if you know there are pieces that won't make it to see another summer go ahead and purge them from your closet now.  If they are "consignment-worthy" pack them away for early spring/late winter when consignment stores start accepting them.  If they are in okay condition for donating - get them outta there!  If they are neither,  say good-bye and throw them away.  Once you have done that small "edit"  your closet should be good until the season actually changes.  By the way, this is a great time to purge undergarments, pajamas, and active wear that you know has seen better days.  (need I say more?)

Now that you've done that it's time to start thinking fall essentials.  This is the time of year that is best to "freshen" your basics wardrobe for the beginning of the new season.  Let's talk fall, specifically.  Take inventory of your layering pieces such as camis, tanks, layering t-shirts, and basic long sleeve t-shirts.  Are there colors you need to replace?  Think basic neutrals such as white, black, and gray.  Is the white still true white?  No arm pit issues or pills?  Is the black still true black or has it become slightly black-gray?  This is true of both camis and any type of t-shirt.  Replenish those items now before the season hits and you can't find what you need.  The same would be true for leggings (especially black).  Next, check your tights.  Is what you currently have on hand all free of snags, runs, holes, etc.  Is the color still true?  Do you have all the colors you need?  Gray is a great neutral to add if you don't have it already.  Okay, doing good so far and now on to undergarments.  I don't think I need to say a lot but check your inventory.  Replace what you know you should.  Many retailers offer multiple purchase deals especially as we head in to a season.  You've seen the offers - many stores will do camis at a lower price for multiples over 2 for example; the same is true for long sleeve t-shirts in many stores.  For undergarments many stores offer deals on multiple panties and sometimes even bras.  The same is true in many cases for tights and trouser socks if you wear those.  Take advantage of these deals now while the selection is at it's best.  You all know how this's 80 degree days and then poof!! all of the sudden it's 65 degrees and fashionistas everywhere panic and shop!

A basic often overlooked is denim.  August and September are the two best months for buying denim.  It's like the grown-up of version of back-to-school sales.  Again, this is when selection in color, size and variety is at its best - take advantage of that.  

Lastly, though not often thought of as a basic, it's one of my favs - the cardigan.  I believe every woman should have at the very least a black cardigan in her clothes show.  Check yours over - still black?  No holes?  No buttons missing?  Still in shape?  If not, replace it now so it's there and waiting.

I get it, you summer lovers don't want to say good-bye to the warm/hot weather and we aren't just yet.  But be ready, before you know it you'll be looking for your fall favs and ordering a pumpkin spice latte.