winter wardrobe

Mid-Season Restyle

It's that time in the season, you know the middle.  The middle where you're either sick of everything you're wearing or you're wearing the same favorites over and over again, or both.  I think I have written about this in the middle of almost every season but I think it's worth mentioning again.  It's a great time to take a look at your wardrobe and perhaps do some cleaning up, some purging, some organizing perhaps. 

Let's talk purging in general.  The middle of the season is actually a great time to do this.  If you don't want to do a full a full wardrobe clean-up, just take a look at what you haven't worn at all this season.  If the item is only for certain occasions (i.e. ski sweater for skiing) leave it.  However, anything else?  Now is the perfect time to get it out of your wardrobe.  If the reason is something like - this year you don't like the way it fits or the color or cut - take it out.  If it's showing obvious signs of wear* - take it out.  It's no longer "in style"?  I think this one is a little trickier - pay attention to the item.  Is that the only reason you aren't wearing it?  Maybe it just doesn't fit your style anymore?  That's okay ...take it out.  All of these reasons are great motivators to getting these items out of your wardrobe.  

Next step - clean them (if needed) and get them to their next home.  If they are in great condition it's the perfect item for consignment.  Many of the consignment stores are close to switching from winter to spring so check before you take it.  If that's the case, no worries.  Pack the clean items in a container labeled "fall consign" and put away until then.  Items more worn but still in good condition?  Donate them to your favorite non-profit.  Items not fit for wearing or painting in?  Either trash them, use them for rags or find a non-profit that can take them and recycle.  Please don't take anything you yourself wouldn't wear and donate for someone else to wear.    This same process is true for shoes, coats, and accessories.  Take advantage of the mid-season gray days and do this now.  I know for me, this week alone, my favorite clogs literally split both soles and my favorite rain boots started leaking.  Bye bye to both.  

The good news about all of this is 2-fold really.  First and most important to'll feel better, maybe a little more put together even.  Maybe you'll be inspired to create new outfits with what has been kept.  Second - and * from the paragraph above - those items you love but are worn out?  You will find most of them on sale right now to replace.  You don't even necessarily have to wear it this season.  Pack it away new for next year and it will be a fun surprise when you unpack for fall.  

Here in West Michigan it's that point in the season when you feel like Spring is not coming.  I love doing something like a closet refresh to bring a little sunshine in.  I hope I've inspired you to do the same.