seasonal wardrobe changes


Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I'm really hoping that Spring is not far behind that.  I love to create gift guides to help a special someone find the special gift, which I still may post.  In the meantime, though, I did want to suggest (some would say self-promote) to my local friends perhaps it's time to receive the gift of a wardrobe service.  If you live outside the West Michigan area we can get creative and do some virtual style/shopping boards or even a Skype style call.   If you live in West Michigan I do want to spend just a bit of time letting you know more about 2 of the possibilities/packages for you to add to your wishlist.  

 Spring is so close and it's that time in the current season where you are getting tired of your Winter wardrobe.  Area consignment stores will soon be accepting Spring goods which is a sure sign it's almost time for the season closet change over.  As I mention often, now is the time to at least purge the items you currently own that you know you won't wear next Winter.  If all of this feels overwhelming I would love to work with you in a Closet Restyle package.  The best part of this is making new outfits from clothes you already own.  Here are a couple of pics of the Restyle "in progress":

Creating new options !!  A girl needs options!


Making outfits from clothes already in a client's closet!  

The Closet Restyle package allows us to spend 3 hours pulling everything out of your closet, purging what will not go back in, and then creating new outfits from what remains.  In addition you will receive a photo lookbook of all the outfits we created along with a shopping list for some things you still need.  This is probably my favorite service that I offer.  

Another idea, which is really a combo of a couple of options, is something I recently did as a surprise for a client's wife. They were going on vacation and he contacted me to put together (and shop for) several outfits for their trip!  This.  Was.  So.  Fun!  I created virtual styling boards, sent each to him for approval, and once approved I purchased the items.  Next, I put the outfits together and wrapped them in "daily outfit packages".  In each box I included some styling tips for different ways to wear each item beyond the vacation.  I think she really loved it all!  How thoughtful was he to do this????  

Wrapped and numbered.  The gift giver has a "cheat sheet" that describes what's in each box.


The styling card give some tips...

If you're ready to get started on a new season or just a new closet and live in the West Michigan area, I would love to work with you.  Comment below or contact me directly and let's set a custom package for you.  If your Valentine needs a little help with the perfect gift give them my info and we can do that as well.  Here is a quick link to my services page  


Dressing and your closet during Sprinter

Here in West Michigan the temperature is in the 50's today.  Later this week there is a chance for snow flurries.  <sigh>  Dressing at this time of year can be tricky.  You don't want to feel too wintery and you certainly don't want to be in shorts or skirts with no leg coverings or capris or any of that business.  The key to dressing during this tricky transition is layering.  The key to your layering is knowing your closet.  As with any other season, if you know your closet you can feel great every day about what you are wearing even if you don't feel the same affection for the unpredictable weather.

Though it isn't time to say good bye to cold weather dressing completely it is time to start pulling away from some of the bulkier "woolier" (technical term?) fabrics.  The best way to do this is to begin your seasonal closet changeover.  There is no better time than now to start your season closet change over.  I like to get a rolling rack and a couple of bins and get started.  Label one bin "winter keep" and one bin "winter consign".  In addition, you will need a bag for give-a-ways and another bag for those things you should simply toss.  You may need an additional pile for cleaning (either wash or dryclean).  I know this sounds overwhelming but I promise it's not because you aren't doing your entire winter wardrobe just yet.  Now, pull all your wool sweaters, bulky knits, winter wool pants or bottoms, and any corduroy items you have as well.  Next, take a look at all of these items.  First, pull out anything you know you didn't wear this year.  Now is a great time to evaluate if you need these items at all.  If the answer is no, it's time to decide which place they go.  Is the item in "near-new" condition?  Is it free of pilling, stains, rips, tears, etc.?  It may be a candidate to consign.  If it's clean fold neatly and place in your consignment bin.  If it should be in that bin but not clean the item should be cleaned and then properly placed after that.  Next, pull your favorites out.  Ask yourself the same questions:  Will I wear it next year?  Do I feel great when I wear it?  Is it still in great condition?  Is free of needing repair?  Is it clean?  If you answered yes to all of those questions, fold and put in your "winter keep" bin.  If you don't feel great when you wear it or if you think the item has "run it's course" then decide which area it goes in.  If you have items for either keep, or consign, or give away be sure they are clean before they are placed in their respective areas.  All that should be left are the items you aren't sure about.  Maybe you wore it a couple of times at the beginning of the season, maybe you aren't sure if it's your style, maybe you just aren't loving it anymore.  I challenge you on these pieces!  They take up real estate in your closet!  My advice?  Wear it one more time within the week or so.  Ask yourself the questions again.  Typically you will know immediately.  You either wear it and say to yourself "why haven't I worn this?" or you say "oh, I know why I haven't worn this" :)  Either way, you will know where the item should go.  

You should now be left with some action items.  First, get to cleaning so you can put stuff away where it now belongs.  Next, pack away your first "winter keep" bin.  It's time to pack away the "winter consign" bin until August when most consignment stores begin accepting Fall/Winter merchandise.  The last easy step?  Take your give a way pile to your favorite donation center.  (note:  please be sure the items you are giving away are clean and still wearable).  

Now, for fun...pull some of your early Spring pieces back in to your wardrobe.  Again, think layering.  Cotton cardigans, short sleeve shirts, canvas pants, skirts, etc.  Think about wearing the cotton cardi now instead of the thicker wool one.  Think about wearing the canvas pant or khaki now in place of the corduroy pants.  Think about pairing a lighter weight skirt with opaque tights and shoes instead of the winter wool skirt and boots.  Think about a jean jacket as a layer instead of a thick wool sweater.  Top the jacket with a great scarf on the 50 degree days for a new twist.  Try shoes without socks with your longer pants for a fresh update.  Clogs or oxfords are the best for this look.  You don't want to look like you are trying to rush Spring but .... no one wants to be stuck in January snow anymore either.  

I am starting this process myself this week and I am already feeling like I have new clothes :).  You can do the same.

Need some advice?  If you're here in West Michigan let's meet and design a closet package for you.  Live further away?  Let's chat and see how I can help.