same outfit 3 ways

So, first I was going to title this "cheap pants, 3 ways" but I changed my mind.  However, that's what this is.  I picked this pants up at Old Navy for less than $15 bucks!  They are all cotton, washable, and comfy.  In addition, this style is "trend-right".  They will not only be wearable for more than one summer, they can also be paired with boots for a cooler time.  

The photo on the left is a look I would wear on a cooler evening for dinner with friends or perhaps a meeting with a client.  As a side-note, though this is not meant to be a story of budget but I must tell you the shoes cost more than the outfit but are one of my favs.  The middle outfit is something I would wear today.  The temperature is set to be in the mid-80's today but as I have mentioned, I am not one to go for shorts first.  The scarf as a belt softens the outfit a bit as do the shoes (another of my favs).  You could easily change this out with a cloth belt and sneakers for a more casual look.  The outfit on the right is perfect for date night in the summer on a cooler night.  I love the way that just changing to heels and adding a casual jacket you really can change the look of an outfit.  One final note, it is the final touches of each outfit (blazer, jewelry, and shoes) is where my money is ... versatile, high-quality, classic pieces.  

My challenge to you:  Shop your closet today and find some versatility!  Get the most of your stuff!  Need help?  Have questions?  Contact me!

Casual Days - 2 Ways

I love versatility in my wardrobe.  I love options.  It's another beautiful day here in West Michigan with temps set to hit the high 70's again.  I have many different things I have to accomplish today and I want to be comfortable but I don't want the frump factor to ease in today :)  

I chose a linen blend pant with a loose tshirt to start my outfit. I want the option of being more casual for the first part of the day and perhaps a little more "finished" yet still casual for the later part of the day - without changing my entire outfit.  I am going to achieve this by simply changing out the accessories and the footwear.  


The outfit on the left is a little more casual and relaxed.  The shoes and the simple necklace give it that ease of comfort yet no frump.  I know I look a little sad in the pic on the left (maybe because I have to go to the grocery) but I really do like this outfit.    On the right, I simply change out the shoes along with a different necklace and bracelet to give me, what I think, is a little more put together for  dinner out with the Mister or perhaps drinks with friends.  Either way, there is enough of a difference in the two looks to give me options...a woman loves options.  

Clothing in the pics:

Loft pants and shirt from last year


Shoes:  Circus by Sam Edelman 

Necklace: from a local boutique 


Shoes:  Korks by Kork Ease

Necklace:  Bronzo Italia from QVC

Bracelet:  Betsey Johnson