NYE in...

Whether you're spending New Year's Eve in at your home or the home of a friend, you don't have to leave sparkle behind.  

I love the thought of a casual party at someone's home versus all the mayhem of being "out" somewhere.  Sometimes when the party moves to someone's house the party attire gets left behind.  Regardless of the occasion or the venue, don't lose your chance to own your style.  You can still be comfy but have some sparkle to match your style.  Here is one idea:

A simple gray cashmere sweater paired with dark straight, simple jeans. Jewelry includes a bold statement necklace and crystal stud earrings. I always opt for one or the other - statement necklace and simple earrings or statement earrings and simple necklace.  Next, add an adorable shoe - I love the pop of red from the block heel maryjanes or the simple sophistication of the pointed suede pump.  Finish off the look with a sequin clutch and you are party ready.  If you love a blazer or jacket add a simple tee or screen print tee underneath in place of the sweater.  Not a "heels" type?  Add a great pair of sneakers like the Adidas with the gold stripes on the side.  As I always say, what's most important is that you own your style.  


Cheers to the New Year - who's with me??