12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 12 Last Minute Gifts

It is Christmas Eve and we are at the "Last Minute Gift" moments of this holiday season.  Consider some of these suggestions for your last minute gift ideas before you head to the gift card station first.  


Print a favorite picture of you and the person and frame it.  If you have a picture of a place they have been you could easily print that as another option.

Purchase one of the subscription services or boxes I have mentioned previously in this 12 days of gifts series.  Some of the subscriptions offer short time frames or even a 1-time purchase.

Make a grown-up version of a coupon booklet for your person with fun stuff such as:  a day at their favorite museum with you, a movie with you, dinner or lunch with you.  You can customize this booklet just for them as I mentioned in the gift ideas for moms with littles.  Maybe it's someone who needs extra help around the house or help with a project.  You can offer your time in a more creative way by creating and printing something out.

Make a basket of some of their favorite things.  You can be so creative with this.  Choose their favorites from several different things.  For example, a favorite dvd, favorite snacks, favorite socks, favorite bottle of wine, etc. 

Happy Shopping!

A very Merry Christmas to you !