It's the little things...

Lately, with everything going on in this crazy world sometimes I wonder what to share that won't seem trivial or unimportant.  At the same time, though, I find myself wanting to share some small things that I hope will inspire and help to make a small difference for you in your everyday life.  Whether it be the clothes you are wearing, the way your hair is styled or other aspect of your appearance, I believe it all impacts how you will go about your day in all this craziness.  

2 of the "big" little things for me:

There are 2 things that make a huge difference for me.  One is my faith.  For me, spending time alone with God each day important for me.  I encourage you to do the same in whatever way that makes sense for you and your beliefs.  This is what is most grounding to me. Two - is time with a friend.  There is something about time spent with a true friend that I believe, has a lasting impact on both of you.  I encourage you to figure out a way to make this work, often.  

Here are some of my favorite little things:

1)  Get your brows done.  I recently had a procedure on my brows - not microblading - for me no thank you.  I had my brows mapped, tinted, and arched (I think that's it).  I believe your brows really do frame your face.  There is something about them that when done well, really stand out.  I love what I had done.  It makes me feel better on make-up free days.  On those days when I am wearing make-up there is something about them already "set" that I love.  Of course I do believe this needs to be done by a pro, at least to start.  I went to a beautiful place (  Seek a reputable salon/spa with great reviews to have this done.  If you want an extra treat - maybe a facial or lashes????

2)  Get a manicure.  Whether you like a dark polish, gel polish, french manicure, or acrylic nails doesn't matter.  Maybe just a simple pale nail.  Well manicured hands and nails are a necessary accessory.  Don't want to spend the money to go to a salon?  Do a simple manicure at home.  Clear, polished nails are just as lovely as colored nails.  

3)  Go window shopping for inspiration.  I know this sounds like you could do it from home on your computer, but please don't.  Set aside a bit of time and seek some inspiration (and maybe even respite) from a trip to a couple of your favorite stores.  Better yet, go to a store you love but don't normally shop at.  Take time to notice displays and the way the clothing is organized to find some inspiration.  Take note of at least one thing in your own wardrobe you would like to style differently before heading out.  Look for inspiration for that piece.  It's important you treat this like a visit and not a shopping trip.  You aren't supposed to buy on this trip :).

4)  Wear your hair different.  If you typically wear your hair pulled back on the side or a ponytail or something like that, wear it down.  If you wear your hair curly most of the time, try straightening it *Ha, check the weather first*

5)  Wear the same but different.  Search your wardrobe for a piece you AL-ways wear the same way.  Stretch...and wear it differently.  Let's say you have a shirtdress you always wear with tights and boots.  Instead, try it layered with a tank underneath, button only the middle few buttons, wear it over leggings or skinny jeans with flats to give yourself a totally new feeling.

Am I saying painting your nails or wearing a dress differently will solve world problems and all your stress?  NO! of course not.  But I do believe your self-image plays a huge part in how you impact this world whether it be in the mundane day to day or in world change stuff.  I just wanted to mention a few things that might help along the way.