Friday Find

My Spring Closet!

I think really, for sure, here in West Michigan we have finally walked away from winter and colder temps.  (I think).  I have most of my closet changed over now to spring/summer and I have to's pretty good.  I mean I am NOT saying I won't be making a few more purchases, but overall it's pretty good.  What I love most is the fact that all the stuff feels brand new :)  Do you know why?  I did a great job of the closet change over last fall.  I packed up spring/summer 2015 according to my rules when I do a client's closet.  I packed one container for consigning, one for keeping, I donated what I no longer wanted and trashed a few pieces that were good for none of the three.  That prepped me for this year and made the moving much easier.  I was able to simply take the "consign" container directly to one of my favorite shops.  I didn't open it and try to talk myself in to keeping what I really knew I wouldn't wear.  

Now, I have a short list of some replacements to staples I need to refresh like white and black tshirts and camis, one pair of chinos and a pair of black flats.  I also have a "dream" list of some pieces I would like to invest in and a list of a couple of trendy things I would like to purchase.  

The fun is happening now because I get to go in my closet and shop!  Reinvent outfits, find new ways to wear pieces I have kept, and accessorize in different ways to refresh.  

How does your closet look?  Feeling like you have something to wear everyday?  Need some help??  Contact me soon for a restyle and let's get you loving your spring closet.