outfits in real life

Though it's April 4th I am watching snowflakes fall outside my window.  I am still thinking of Spring and clothes ...imagine that.  

Now is a great time to change out your closet.  If you have the space,  the best thing to do is totally remove any fall/winter items from your closet and replace with all your spring (and summer if you are up for that challenge) clothing.  I love looking at magazines, online websites, and other sources for inspiration in dressing for the new season.  I am sure many of you do the same.  The only drawback for me, at least, I can't afford to dress like all the pictures.  Nor, does my real life allow me to.  As beautiful as the clothes are, many are not practical or affordable or both.  But, they do inspire me to create my own best looks.   Some of my best days of inspiration come when I do a Closet Restyle for a client or a Shop Your closet  with a client.  I love meeting a client in her home and going thru her closet together and creating new outfits.  I love being part of the process of helping her discover (or re-discover) her own style.  It's amazing what another pair of eyes can see that you may not have seen before!  

Take a look at a couple of pics

In the snapshot above - there are soooo many different options we discovered for my client.  She can pair either sleeveless top with any of the pant options.  On cooler days wear the denim shirt as a "jacket" loose or tied at the waist.  She can wear the denim shirt with any of the bottoms as another choice and totally different look.  She was able to gain many new options just from this one capsule...love it!!!  A girl needs options.  

In this great Spring capsule for another client, we have paired again pants and a skirt with different tops and the jacket.  There are more than 8 options here just by changing the combinations around.  Tons of versatility in this capsule for work, dinner, a casual afternoon lunch, and much more.  Imagine the adorable skirt with the white shirt and casual flats...then ....switch the shoe for a classy heel and you've change the whole look.  Again...options!!  


What I love most about both of these is they are from the closets of real-life awesome women who have discovered their own style.  Not fresh off the runway but fresh from their closet and the life they are living.  These photos are from their own lookbooks that I created for them to reference for what to wear to get the most from what they own...and most important to me...to feel their best.  

I would love to do the same for you - contact me for more details !!