Casual Days - 2 Ways

I love versatility in my wardrobe.  I love options.  It's another beautiful day here in West Michigan with temps set to hit the high 70's again.  I have many different things I have to accomplish today and I want to be comfortable but I don't want the frump factor to ease in today :)  

I chose a linen blend pant with a loose tshirt to start my outfit. I want the option of being more casual for the first part of the day and perhaps a little more "finished" yet still casual for the later part of the day - without changing my entire outfit.  I am going to achieve this by simply changing out the accessories and the footwear.  


The outfit on the left is a little more casual and relaxed.  The shoes and the simple necklace give it that ease of comfort yet no frump.  I know I look a little sad in the pic on the left (maybe because I have to go to the grocery) but I really do like this outfit.    On the right, I simply change out the shoes along with a different necklace and bracelet to give me, what I think, is a little more put together for  dinner out with the Mister or perhaps drinks with friends.  Either way, there is enough of a difference in the two looks to give me options...a woman loves options.  

Clothing in the pics:

Loft pants and shirt from last year


Shoes:  Circus by Sam Edelman 

Necklace: from a local boutique 


Shoes:  Korks by Kork Ease

Necklace:  Bronzo Italia from QVC

Bracelet:  Betsey Johnson