If you keep it, you need to wear it.

There is lots of chatter about the whole "clean your closet"  thing now that Spring finally looks like it's coming.  The seasonal shift of the closet has taken on a lot of different names and methods.  No matter how you do it you always end up with a couple of different piles of clothes.  Those you donate or toss, maybe a few things that need altering or repaired, and the ultimate "keep" pile.  The "keep" pile should be back in your closet hanging on nice hangers, organized and most important - ready to wear.  That's right ...you kept it, now you need to wear it! 

When I work with a client and we do a closet restyle this part is probably my favorite...the part where we "re-invent" what she decided to keep.  If something was worth keeping it HAS to be worth wearing.  I recently started a little re-inventing of my own and I have been having some great fun with it.  For example the shirt you see below

shirt to keep

This is an Etc shirt I purchased several years ago.  I haven't worn it in forever but I love the color, the material, and the shape of the shirt so I decided to keep it.  I have worn the shirt with black pants or jeans and that's it.  I knew if I was going to keep it I needed to do a little "reinvention".  I paired it with an ankle length pair of wool blend, (seasonless and timeless) trousers from JCrew purchased a couple of years ago.  I added a great pair of peep toe shoes  from my favorite consignment store for my feet.  For accessories I added new pearl studs from Bauble Bar (for $10, yay me), a great pearl statement piece from Stella & Dot (I have also had awhile) and lastly a bracelet given to me as a gift several years ago but never worn.  So, all in all, I say I spent $10 on this because the only thing new are the earrings ... ha! 

So, I am keeping the shirt and now I have 3 ways to wear it instead of the tired old 2 ways.  You can and should do the same with your keepers!  It's like having tons of new clothes...okay maybe not tons but at least a couple new outfits and who doesn't love that?? 

One more pic of the new ensemble

Are you ready for your closet restyle?  Contact me and let's get started.  Whether re-inventing or updating for the new season I would love to help you own your style.