Oh boyfriend jeans :)

I love my boyfriend jeans.  Maybe it's because they always fit :)  Maybe it's because they are already "broken in", maybe it's because they are so versatile.  Maybe it's a bit of all 3.  I am reinventing my boyfriend jeans a bit so I thought I would share a couple of new looks.  

If you don't own a pair of these lovelies you really should invest in a pair.  Please, though, take just a little advice.  Buy the  pair that fit you the best.  Please please please do not go down 2 or 3 sizes because either someone assisting you in the store advised that you could or because you like the smaller number.  The fit of a boyfriend jean is different than any other jean you have.  It is meant to fit as if you "borrowed" your boyfriend's pants.  We know this is pretend but for the sake of the jean, play along.  The jean should fit looser, more relaxed and more "broken in". To the other extreme - the jean should not be so loose it's falling off but think relaxed fit when you are trying on.  We are so used to skinny jeans, bootcut, low rise and all the rest so this will be different.  As far as length,  it looks best with at least a small cuff on the bottom.  If you are somewhat shorter in height (like me) try the look on and determine what is the best cuff for the shoes and your legs.  For us more height challenged ladies, I usually like to show a bit more of the calf than a taller gal has to worry about.  

Once you have found a pair you love and brought them home here are a couple of ways to wear them.  

Look one - Dressy casual/chic/effortless.  Pair your jeans with a t-shirt, but not just a simple t-shirt.  The shirt pictured here has some sparkle which adds the "girly" to the boyfriend.  Another top option would be a sleeveless turtleneck with a simple white blouse layered underneath.  You barely do a tuck of just a small piece of the blouse in the front.  You finish this look by barely cuffing the jean and wearing a great pair of booties.  The booties dress this look up just enough to appear it was effortless. 

Look two - Menswear inspired.  Pair your boyfriends with a more feminine blouse and then finish the look with menswear oxfords - no socks please.  The first top pictured is a simple floral blouse soft and flowy which is a great contrast to the jeans and shoes.  The other top option is one with a feminine feel with some interest in the back like one pictured from Loft. I also show the t-shirt again, you know the one with a little sparkle :)  I love this ode to menswear.  When you get this right I think it's just the right amount of sexy/attractive/pretty (choose your own word here that makes you feel pretty ) 

There are sooo many options for boyfriend jeans out there.  Try, try and try again until you get the best fit for you and then have fun creating your look.  

Own your style !!