Seasons change, rules change??

So here in West Michigan the seasons are changing.  One day it's 80 degrees, then 50 degrees the next.  I know...there are many bigger world issues out there, but in the meantime...what should you be wearing?  I will admit it - I am a bit of a "rule girl".   This is true whether we are talking about traffic laws or fashion laws.  I believe there are some tried and true fashion rules that we should all follow.   You can still express your own sense of style without any style offenses. 

 I have just a few rules that if I were Chief of the Fashion Police I would issue tickets to offenders for.  My top three are so fitting for this time of year so I thought I would share.

3.  Dress in fabrics that match the season.  What? you may be saying.  What I mean is - for example - now that we are here at the very end of September put the linen away.  The same with cotton sundresses worn without a jacket or cardigan.  It would probably be a good idea to store the flip flops now as well.  Pull your cardigans, fall jackets, and some sweaters out now.  The best sweaters for now are cotton or some cotton blend.  I personally would hold off on wool for a little while longer.  For dresses - tights are great now.  Layer a short-sleeve dress with a cardigan or a jean jacket now.  "I am not ready to put away my denim capris" you say.  Okay, wear your capris but wear them with some cute boots I offer.   Layering in general is key now.  The mornings and evenings are especially cool and the days may still warm up a bit.  Layers are great for helping you adjust to the temperature changes that can happen during the day.  Your may start out with khakis, a short-sleeve tshirt, scarf and a jean jacket.  If it starts to warm up you can adjust your layers as necessary.  By doing this you remain "in the season" but comfortable too.

2.  Please - I know there will be a reaction to this - but I am "old school" on white.  I believe no white after Labor Day. I speak only of white bottoms here.  My close friends will also tell you I don't believe in white pants anyway, but especially after Labor Day - please refrain.  If you must wear white bottoms, switch to a cream or ivory or perhaps winter white.  (if you must).  White tshirts, long-sleeve tshirts, blouses, all that, sure go ahead but please, no on the bottoms. 

1.  Okay - I didn't  think I would EVER have to say this but now I see I have to - LEGGINGS are not - nor will they ever be - PANTS.  LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Nowhere. Ever. NEVER.  For any girl or woman.  Let's all come together in this and help a sister out if you see this.  Leggings are for working out or for layering under a dress, a tunic, a LONG sweater.  There is no good look that involves leggings and a shirt, period.  That is all to be said about leggings.

So let's enjoy the fall. (my favorite season by the way).  You can still express your own style in the midst of the season change while still looking great.