Jeans, NOT mom jeans

It’s almost fall.  Fall always seems to make me want to shop for a new pair of jeans.  Stylish, great fitting jeans – not MOM jeans !

Okay, let me start with this.  We all need THAT one great pair of jeans.  By great I mean the fit is great, they look great, and most important they make you feel great.  You know what I mean – great in the sense you could conquer anything when you wear them.  Great in the sense you want to run in to someone from high school so they can see how great you look – yeah – great like that.  I believe there is a pair of these great jeans for everyone, regardless of your budget or your age.  Whether 26 or 56 you CAN find that pair of jeans.  Now, having said all that, let me say this.  Please, under no circumstances, regardless of your age should you ever, ever, ever own Mom jeans.  No matter the day, your mood, your budget should you every have these in your wardrobe.  IF you suspect you may already have them in your wardrobe, please get them to a donation site immediately.  I don't think I need to define mom jeans because we all know what they look like.  Some trend setters say these jeans are back in style as is evident in this new offering ...


                                                                        Current style of Mom Jeans

                                                                        Current style of Mom Jeans

 Everyone has their own style and you should remember yours when you are choosing your favorite pair of jeans.  Regardless of where you shop here are some great tips to get you started:

  1.  Size doesn’t matter.  Really, it doesn’t.  All brands fit different.  Know that going in the store, and don’t get hung up on the number.

  2. Take 3 sizes when you go to the fitting room.  The size you think you wear, and then one size up and one size down.  Trust me.  You will thank me later.

  3. Don’t be afraid of alterations.  For example, if you are curvy and you have a smaller waist and fuller hips- fit your hips first which will require you to alter the waist.  That’s OKAY!  Altering a hem may also be required.  Don’t forget, wash your jeans before you take them to be altered. 

  4. Wear the shoes you will be wearing most with the jeans so you get the true fit before you leave the store.

  5. You must go on this "expedition" to the stores rather than online shopping for this one.  Once you discover a brand and style and size that work for you, it would be possible to try online shopping for them in the future. 

I have a couple of favorites that work well for me.  My favorite brand, the one I can now buy online or in a store without trying on, is Kut from the Kloth.  Most of their styles typically have just the right amount of stretch and most offer a great variety in color and fit.  I can easily find these at if I am online shopping, or Nordstrom rack.  Another of my favorites is Gap jeans.  They offer so many varieties in color, fit, style, length, etc.  you cannot miss here.  Both of the brands I have mentioned will not blow your budget either since all that I have found are available for under $100.  I have put together a set of my faves you can view by clicking through here in the set jeans not mom jeans. 

It's almost fall and almost time for a new pair of great jeans.  Good luck finding just the right style of great jeans for you.