Choose a package that is best for you, your style, goals and wishes!

Closet Restyle

I love getting to know you and your style and this is the best way to do that. We start with a total purge of your closet. Making piles based on what to donate, what to consign, what to alter or fix and finally what to keep. Some of this can be done prior to our time together so more time is focused on the styling of what you are keeping. Through this process I will be able to see what you have been wearing, what perhaps you shouldn’t be wearing anymore, and what key pieces might be missing that you need. Based on your lifestyle, age, shape, likes and dislikes we can then discover your own personal style. We will take time to restyle the pieces you love into great outfits and groupings to get the most out of what you have. Do you find yourself wearing the same few pieces over and over again? Do you find that most of what is in your closet doesn’t ever see the light of day? The Closet Restyle will eliminate that. When we are finished you will have an organized wardrobe as well as your own photo lookbook of some of the outfits we have put together. In addition, for the key pieces that are missing from your closet – I will create a wish list for shopping that you can easily complete. Better yet, we can enhance your package by adding personal shopping to it as well. My goal is to leave you feeling great about your own style and the clothing you have to wear to express it. The timeframe for this package is approximately 3-4 hours.  Each additional hour over 4 will be charged my normal hourly rate. 


Shop Your Closet

Already have a great closet - or close to it ??  Whether you want to reinvent what you already have or just get some "fresh" options, let's shop your closet.  Get some new outfits from what is already there.  Come away with a mini look book with fresh additions to your already existing wardrobe.  This service begins at 1 hour with additional time available on the normal per hour rate. 




Personal Shopping

Whether you are super busy and don’t have the time, or you hate to shop (is that possible??), I am happy to do the shopping for you.

$50.00 per hour (travel cost may be added)

Services By The Hour

None of the packages above are exactly what you need? Maybe we have worked together before and you need something different that isn’t included above or you don’t want it to take as long. You can contact me and we can come up with something more specific for you.

$50.00 per hour